Monday, February 23, 2015

YOU are a Hero!

Really, you are! 
I am blessed to be surrounded by so many talented and dedicated teachers.  Day in and day out, teachers put in so much time and energy into their students' educations.  Teachers, you truly are heroes.  And don't ever forget it!

Take a minute this week to honor a teacher you know.  Write them a note, give them a compliment, buy them coffee, or just say THANKS!

In honor of all of the hard work teachers do every day, TpT is throwing a sale starting on Wednesday, February 25th.  My entire TpT store will be an additional 28% off when you use the PROMO code HEROES at the checkout.  And hey, while you're there, follow my store!  :)

Soooo…. What did you put in your cart?  I'd love for you to share below!

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