Monday, April 6, 2015

Five for… Monday!

Happy Monday!  Today was my first day back after spring break.  Whew!  I also totally missed the mark on Five for Friday, so I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching today!

1. Songs in the Key of Life
I started out my spring break by going to the Stevie Wonder concert in Minneapolis.  It was amazing!  He played his album "Songs in the Key of Life", and had probably about 30 people on stage with him- vocalists, orchestra, horns… And he played for just about three hours!  He is such a talented musician!

2.  Art in Bloom
Every year, Macy's downtown store puts on a flower show around a central theme.  This year they recreated famous works of art using flowers.  There were such beautiful blooms, and the whole 8th floor smelled heavenly!

3.  Pocketful of Sunshine
I even picked up my own little plant to take home!  It's called a "calceolaria", or pocketbook plant, and it's brightening up my classroom now.  We'll see how long I can keep it alive.  :)

4.  Buttercream Basics
Recently, I bought a cake decorating kit from Michael's and I finally got around to using it!  I started by practicing my buttercream skills.  It was SO fun!

5.  Huh?  What papers?
So…. I brought home a whole stack of papers to grade over break.  And I really had every intention of grading them…. But I literally forgot I had them until Sunday night.  Whoops!!!  I guess you could say that I had a restful break and really got my mind off of school!  :)

Be sure to link up and share your top five!

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