Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tackling the Task Card Tragedy

Picture this… you've got bins of ziplock baggies full of task cards and card games to use for stations, and while you're working with a small group a student comes up to you saying, "Miss Woodward, I can't find the match to this card!"  Or, "Miss Woodward, I found this card under my desk… which set does it belong with?"

We've all been there.  Do those situations make you want to pull your hair out?  As I start to collect more sets of card games and task cards, I was having trouble keeping them organized.  But I've got a solution!

I was cutting for days….. I always like to cut out the cards first and then laminate.  I feel the lamination stays on better.  (Teacher OCD?  Maybe.)

I used different stickers for each group.  One set has all green stickers, one has red, and so on.  That way, if a card gets misplaced, students know what set to return it to.  It works like a charm!

For the sets above, I used colored dot labels that I cut in fourths or halves.  It worked great to label each set.  Especially since I only had so many star stickers.

For playing cards, I just numbered each deck and labeled each card.

To address the ziplock baggie situation… I found these gems at the Dollar Tree.  Two envelopes for $1!  They are flexible plastic, with a snap closure.

It's very helpful that students can see which game they're picking up.

And they fit perfectly in a bin I already had!

Task Card Game crisis averted!  How do you organize your task cards?

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