Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Final Product- "The Lonely Elephant"

Here is another book created during our Eric Carle Author Study!

If you're new to Miss Woodward's Class, learn about our Author Study here, and our book making herehere, and here.

This student was the only one who included a dedication page.  Her 6th page is missing because she did not like how her badger illustration turned out...

"In the world, in a zoo, there was a lonely elephant named Niij." (pronounced Neege)

"So, he went to find some friends.  First, he found a ladybug behind a leaf.  The ladybug was too grouchy."

"So he went to find another friend.  Next, he found a spider, but it was too busy."

"Then, he found a woodpecker that was pecking on wood.  Niij said,"You want to be my friend?" The woodpecker was too busy pecking."

"Next, he saw a snake slithering on the sand.  Niij said, "You want to be my friend?" but it scared away Niij."

"Then, he met a tall tall giraffe, but it was too tall to hear Niij."

So Niij saw a rhino, but the rhino was too strong for him."

"Later, he saw a big fat hippo behind a tree.  But the hippo was too big."

"He was getting tired of finding a friend.  But then he saw......."

"....an elephant!  Niij was so happy to see an elephant."

"the elephant was happy to see Niij too.  The elephant's name was Niijo.  They were friends forever."

I just loved how this student brought in some of Eric Carle's characters (The Busy Spider and The Grouchy Ladybug).  One more fantastic story to show you!  Stay tuned!

Until next time, 
-Miss Woodward

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