Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stepping it up with Social Media

One thing the TpT conference taught me was that, aside from quality products in my TpT store, I need to be active on social media.  This past week I have worked hard to get going on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

I already had an Instagram account, but I made my profile public, and have since gained a ton of followers!  It's been fun to see what other teachers post.  I might be a little bit addicted to checking my feed…. (anyone else out there?)  You can follow me on Instagram here.  :)

Miss Woodward's Class also got a Facebook page!  It's a work in progress, and I'm still working on figuring this one out.  Any veteran Facebookers out there have tips on reaching a larger audience?

Have you heard of PicMonkey?  I LOVE it!  It's a free site you can use to edit photos, add text and other images to your photos, and create collages.  I even used it to create this pin for a collaborative Pinterest board.

I posted the Pin on a collaborative board by Rachel Lynette.  Check out the board here!

The Seller's Forum on Teachers Pay Teachers has sections dedicated to social media.  I suggest you check it out to get some of your social media questions answered!

Check out just how techy I've become!


  1. I have a an Instagram account and a FB page just for my teaching stuff! I would have to say I love Instagram so much more! I post way more to it than to FB!! I think because it seems user friendly to me and there is not a lot of chatter involved! It is just mostly images! One thing I would like to figure out is how everyone put all the tabs on their FB page to offer freebies and stuff! I going to follow this post and see what ya' find out! Thanks for sharing! Oh and by the way I am following you on Instagram!! Come follow me too if you would like!!!


    1. I love Instagram, too! It's totally user-friendly, and I feel like people follow each other more willingly on Instagram. Speaking of Facebook, though, how do you reach a bigger audience? Did you ever pay for advertising? My goal is to gain more followers. :)



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