Monday, August 18, 2014

It's Teacher Week!

It's Back to School- Teacher Week!  I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' this week to tell you all more about me and what I love to do most- teach!

Who am I?

I'm a 25 year-old teacher, blogger, and TpTer.  I'll be starting my third year of teaching this year, in a new school and a new grade!  I taught a classroom of 3rd grade ELLs, and now I'm moving to 6th grade.  I'm ready for the adventure!

Make Way for Ducklings!  In Boston Public Garden
I've been with this guy for nearly 7 years!  Love him! 
My team and I during our school's Hmong New Year celebration.
If I wasn't a teacher, I would definitely be a baker!  I loooooove making cupcakes!

My new classroom is AWESOME!  It's slowly starting to come together.  :)
TpT is a huge hobby of mine!  Here are a few of my favorite products from my store.  
Take a peek at other products in my store here!  Speaking of TpT, did you hear about their one-day BOOST sale this Wednesday?  Wahoo!  Start adding to your Wishlist now!

So that's a bit about me… Be sure to visit Blog Hoppin' to meet other teachers during Teacher Week!

Tomorrow I'll be linking up to share WHERE I teach.  :)  Can't wait!


  1. Good luck on your new adventure!


  2. Nice to meet you. I love to bake too. Have fun in 6th grade.


  3. I don't even like cupcakes but yours look amazing!! Good luck at your new job; you'll be great!!

    My Carolina Classroom

  4. YAY! Good luck in Middle School! No doubt you will LOVE it!



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