Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teacher Week- My {bare} Room!

It's Tuesday of Teacher Week with Blog Hoppin', so today I'm sharing all about WHERE I teach!

This will be short and sweet, since I just recently moved into my new room!  It's far from complete, but I can point out some features that I am pretty excited to have.  :)

Mmkay…. see that SMART board on the wall on the right!?  Can't wait to play around with it and use it every day!  And lots of storage with the closets on the right and the low shelving on the left.

My room came with beautiful, sturdy mailboxes.  Y'all know how expensive those can be!  See that printer there too??  For those moments where you're like, "Oh crap, I'm TWO copies short!"  I know we've all been there.  Behind the mailboxes is a sink with drinking fountain.

The desks most likely won't stay like this for long… I just wanted to get them down and off of each other.  Is anyone else totally annoyed by that one lower desk?  #teacherOCD

I've been spending most of my time lately organizing my picture books.  Because I'll be teaching 6th, I am putting a lot of my low level books in the closet for now.  I know that at some point, I will need a picture book for a read-aloud or something, so I wanted to organize them in a way where I'd be able to find a book if I needed it.  

I started by entering all of my books into a spreadsheet.  I included the book title, author, and illustrator.  Then I organized the titles alphabetically.  First into piles with sticky note labels...

Then each pile got organized alphabetically and put into a box.  If I need a book, I can look on my spreadsheet and easily find it in one of the boxes!

The other books in my library will be available for my students to borrow.  These are the higher level chapter books.  To keep those organized, I am using The Brown-Bag Teacher's iRead Book Bin Labels.  I'm in love with them!

Stay tuned for more photos of my set-up as I spend more time in my classroom!

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