Monday, August 4, 2014

The First Days of School: Unit A: LINKY

Hello everyone!  Today I'm hosting my very own linky party so we can talk about Unit A of The First Days of School.  Wahoo!  If you've read the book, or even if you haven't read the book, link up!  I want to hear your thoughts!

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I remember the days leading up to my first day of my first year teaching.  I had veteran teachers as my teammates, and I felt so out of my element!  They already had their first days planned out, and I had NO idea what to do to start the year!

1.  Did you get any training on how to start the school year?  Did your school or district start you off with a mentor?

The book lays out four stages of teaching:

- Fantasy: Be a friend to your students.
- Survival: Just make it through the day!
-Mastery: Teachers who know how to achieve student success.
-Impact: Teachers who have an effect on a student's life.

They say that most teachers will not make it past the first two stages.  Some days I am in the survival stage, while some days I feel as though I have mastered the craft.

2.  What stage of teaching are you in?

Some of the biggest take-aways came towards the end of the unit.

"Effective teachers work cooperatively, seek out a mentor and role model, learn at professional meetings, and strive for excellence."

"Teaching is not a private practice."
"Listen, listen, listen."
Teaching is a cooperative career, and it's so important to listen and learn from each other!

3.  What were your biggest take-aways from this Unit?

Now it's your turn!
Write a post answering the three questions, post it, copy the page URL, and then link it up below!

Next Monday, we will be looking at Unit B: Positive Expectations.  Looking forward to it!  :)

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