Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memories, Memories...

Are you looking for a fun end of the year memory book for your students?  I found this one from Fourth and Ten.

Here are some of my students' memories from this year...

We went on a Field Trip to the Old Log Theater to see "Little Red Riding Hood".  

"My favorite memory of our field trip was when the wolf sat right next to us, and when we shook all of the characters' hands."

"Science was my favorite subject because we got to go to the Science Museum and we learned about bodies."  
(If you ever get a chance to see the Body Worlds exhibit, GO!  My students learned so much!)

"A lot of cool things happened to me in third grade, but one thing I'll never forget about third grade is when my teacher had bad luck!  She fell and had a big bump on her knee and her lunch fell and she touched a mouse."  (Yes, it's true... all of those things happened in one day!)

What are you doing to end the school year?  

Until next time,
-Miss Woodward

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  1. What a great keepsake for the students and a nice way to reflect on their year! It looks like the kids were having fun making them too.



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