Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Classroom Sneak-Peek!

I finally recruited some muscle to help me move furniture in my classroom today!  (Thanks to my boyfriend, Mr. Wolf!)  I love this new arrangement!  I was trying to go for a more of a "center" feel.  

This front corner of my classroom used to have my teacher desk... Now it is a writing center.  The bookshelf on the right holds games and puzzles for indoor recess.  On the far left, you can see a peek of my classroom library... I will show you a better picture later!

This side of my room used to have my meeting carpet.  I moved my carpet to the front of the room, next to the games shelf from the above picture.  I put my guided reading table in the back, and a shelf with kids' book boxes on the left.  I am still working at getting the school to change my chalkboard into one big bulletin board (fingers crossed!).

Here is a closer look at my guided reading area (excuse the mess on the table!). 

This back corner of my room used to be where I kept my classroom library.  Now it is a cozy area for my teacher desk!

Have you been working on your classroom?  What jobs have you gotten done?  I bet some of you start school soon!  

Until next time,
-Miss Woodward

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