Sunday, September 15, 2013

If You Take A Mouse to School....

As part of back to school week, I read my students If You Take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff.  They loved seeing all of the mischief the mouse got into at school.

After we read, we did a little bit of writing.  I love having a fun writing prompt for them after a story, just to see the funny things they say.

This will be in my TpT store soon!

Take a peek at how my students answered this question!

"If I took a mouse to school, I would play with him and make him do my homework and help me do all of it if I am tired or sometimes lazy."

"If I took a mouse to school, I would let him do my homework because I am to lazey (lazy) to do my homework.  I'm to lazey (lazy) to do my homework because Ms. Woodward give me to much homework."

"If I took a mouse to school, I would I make him to do my staf (stuff) so I can go play when he don (done) I will give him a chees (cheese) so he don't need to eat and I will make him a house so he can slep (sleep)."

"If I took a mouse to school, I would race with my house at ress (recess) my mouse said to me if who win the race then they will have a big chees (cheese) and play easter egg at a park."

Told ya.... some of them can be very creative writers.  :)

What would you do if you took a mouse to school?

Until next time,
-Miss Woodward

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