Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tried it Tuesday- Choosing Buddies for Reading

Hello everyone!  Today I am linking up with Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried it Tuesday!

Since I introduced Buddy Reading, Ms. Meredith and I have been choosing buddies for the students.  We decided to do it that way so we are setting them up for success with Buddy Reading.  Well, yesterday, we decided to let them try choosing their own.  However, it did require some set-up.

First, we talked about how disruptive it would be if we all got up at once and said, "I NEED A BUDDY!"  So we talked about a more calm way to signal that we needed a buddy.  As if it were rehearsed, one little guy said, "Well, we could raise our hands to signal..."  I said, "YES!  That's a great idea!"  So I wrote it on our chart.

How to Choose a Buddy
- Raise your hand to signal that you need a buddy

Then, I showed them how to make eye contact with someone in the circle.  They can only choose a buddy that they made eye contact with.  I added that to our chart.

How to Choose a Buddy
-Raise your hand to signal that you need a buddy
-Make eye contact
-Move across the circle and ask, "Do you want to be my buddy?"

We decided that we always answer, "Yes!", unless you already have a buddy.  Then you say, "No, thank you.  I already have a buddy."

It was also important for them to understand that their buddy might not always be their closest friend.  On our chart, we decided that a buddy should be someone we can be successful readers with.

So, after we discussed and modeled, we tried it!  

1) We signaled that we needed a buddy.
2) We made eye contact with someone and asked, "Will you be my buddy?"
3) We chose a way we would buddy read (Read 2 books, Check for Understanding, or I read, You read).
4) We chose a successful, comfortable spot.
5) We started right away, and read the whole time.

They actually did pretty well for choosing their buddy for the first time!  We Buddy Read for about five  minutes, and then I brought them back to check-in.  I asked them:

-Who felt like they chose a successful buddy?
-Who felt like they couldn't read successfully with their buddy, and are going to try a new buddy this time?
-Did someone choose a successful spot?  Where was it?
-Did someone choose a spot where they were not successful?  Where can you try next time?

We practiced three times, each time choosing a new partner.  

Choosing a buddy- Tried it... Success!

What did you try this week?

Until next time,
-Miss Woodward

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  1. This is great! I love how specific you were with your students. It takes time the first time but it makes it so worth it to train them. Thanks for linking up! :)
    Fourth Grade Flipper



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